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We simplify sensitive data sharing

Sharing data has been too difficult.
Our Secure Analytic Containers make data sharing easy. 

Introducing Myngl Concordance
Secure Analytic Containers

Intuitive enough for business teams;
Powerful enough for data scientists.

Myngl Concordance empowers business teams and data owners to collaboratively define data sharing, security and governance requirements.

Myngl Concordance empowers data analysts, engineers and scientists to perform analytics and machine learning on securely commingled raw data without exposing it. 

Secure Data Sharing requires Zero-Trust 

Sharing is Required
But the Process is Broken

Concordance Secure Analytics Containers
provide Zero-Trust security

Capabilities Concordance™ Conventional Systems
Designed for Multi-Owner Raw Data Commingling?
Data Owners Soley Control Security, Access?
Self-Service Analytics Based on Owner Permission?
Enables Direct Collaboration Among Data Partners?
Monetize Sensitive Data Without Exposing it?
Powers Compliant Services, Apps, Workflows?
Permits Raw Data Viewing, Access, Extraction?
Requires Complex Data and Security Engineering?

Data access issues slowing your work? 

Most data projects involve blending sensitive  data from multiple sources.

Myngl Concordance solves all the problems preventing your teams from securely sharing, commingling, analyzing and monetizing raw sensitive data – at scale.

Apply Myngl Concordance
to your data sharing problems

Have valuable data to monetize?

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