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Yes, Big Data is Like Love

Plato said it.  The Buddha said it.  St. Augustine said it.


Love is not diminished by being shared.  In fact, it increases because it’s shared.  There are a few things in the world which are not diminished by being shared.


Big Data is one of them.


Like love, Big Data increases in value when it’s shared – outside your organization.


Let me disclose right now that I am an entrepreneur; my company makes SecureQuery™, an application for securely sharing Big data.


If you are in the C-Suite of any big organization, you have invested giant sums to generate, clean and store your Big Data.  On average, investments in Big Data infrastructure have yet to generate decent ROIs.


Ah, you knew that already.


“This could be due to the fact that many big data projects don’t have a tangible return on investment (ROI) that can be determined upfront…The big issue is not so much big data itself, but rather how it is used” said Nick Heudecker, research director at Gartner.  “Organizations are moving from vague notions of data and analytics to specific business problems that data can address.”


Yes, Big Data is most useful to address problems like smartly applying capital and human resources, avoiding risk, identifying opportunity, engaging their ecosystems in new ways and taking action when and where most needed.


Here is the rub. Many CIOs and CDOs are now discovering that they don’t have enough Big Data to do this.  Ironic, right?


Not so much.  Any decent data scientist will explain why data fusion of multiple data sources produces far more consistent, accurate, and useful answers to important business questions than can be derived from any individual data source.


Being a data-driven organization requires data from outside your enterprise to produce more consistent, accurate, and useful solutions to business problems.


  • You will need to import data from other organizations.
  • Other organizations need your data, too.

Welcome to the Big Data Sharing Economy.

Your Big Data is not diminished by being shared, and in fact it has huge “idling capacity”.  Your CFO will tell you that an asset with idling capacity is underutilized, and has value that can be unlocked for monetary benefits.


SecureQuery™ unlocks the value of your Big Data by making it sharable – which is required to monetize it.


We designed some very cool software that helps you share your Big Data and import Big Data from others in an elegant, efficient, Zero-Trust manner.


Sharing and monetizing with SecureQuery™ directly increases the value of your existing Big Data investments.  Your data scientists get to perform Data Fusion with valuable external data sets, even those with private, sensitive and classified data elements.  Your organization gets to produce more consistent, accurate, and useful solutions to business problems.  Your data partners get paid.  Everyone wins.


Ready to get started with SecureQuery?

Randy Friedman

Randy Friedman is Founder/CEO of 4Dini Software

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