The New New – Big Data Sharing

I have a cool daughter. You can learn a lot from younger folks – if you can decode their language. Sometimes, they see the world very differently, and that difference is good. Looking at things in new ways is key to creating value.


The “New New” – what’s fresh, cool and exciting – is what entrepreneurs like me are always on the lookout for. The White Space. The Blue Ocean. The Green Field.


My New New is Big Data Sharing.


Check it out. A couple of years ago, I worked with a team that developed on a new type of search engine – for location data. Our search engine answered “where best?” business questions – an awesome capability to optimize processes, manage risk, trigger events, allocate resources. A user could declare they wanted to search for a location (a point, a line or a polygon) based on a set of weighted spatial and non-spatial attributes. Each search attribute was a Big or Fast data set. (I love linear algebra!)


As it turns out, determining where and when best to take action, apply resources, deploy staff, avoid risk and all the other “where/when best?” questions are pervasive in business. Healthcare, supply chain, digital advertising, retail, financial services, logistics, government, food service, etc – they all had these questions. However, much of this data was very sensitive, sometimes legally restricted, even classified.


The search engine worked great, most everyone loved the idea. But…we failed.

• Our business challenge – we needed lots of data sets from many sources.
• Our business problem – clients didn’t trust we could protect their data.


They were right not to trust us. Bummer and fact.

We had no way to ensure the owners of those data sets we would only use the data in the permitted ways, despite having it in our possession. Legal agreements can be broken and we live in a Zero-Trust world.


Entrepreneurs fail. I failed, but I failed forward.


Creating a method by which unrelated organizations could safely share, exchange and monetize data to address pressing business problems was a MUCH bigger problem to solve than spatial search.


Bells went off in my head. The White Space. The Blue Ocean. The Green Field. Ding Ding!


  • Digital transformation initiatives are about creating and sustaining competitive advantage.
  • Digital transformation is about agility and responsiveness; it’s about engagement.
  • Companies NEED to accurately determine where and when best to take action, apply resources, deploy staff, avoid risk.
  • This requires data – lots of data. Big Data, Fast Data, from many sources.
  • Most of that data will have some restricted, private or sensitive data elements within it.
  • In a Zero-Trust world, how can we safely share and monetize that data – so these questions can be answered?


Big Data sharing is the New New. Ding Ding!

In a Zero-Trust world, how will your business get third parties to trust you with their data? How will you trust them with your data? Your enterprise data warehouse and data lakes are not designed for this.

Solved it! – Check out SecureQuery.

Randy Friedman

Randy Friedman is Founder/CEO of 4Dini Software

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