Prevent Data Risk

Myngl Concordance Prevents Data Risks.

Myngl Containers Decentralize Controls to Data Owners and Block Data Extraction by Users

User access, security and governance rights are controlled in a bottom-up, inside-out process by data owners.  Owners embed “Need-to-Know” policy rules into every data element. 

Owners solely control data usage, which is only provided in the secure sandbox.  Data cannot be directly extracted by users, so the most common forms of data misuse and breach are blocked. 

Myngl containers are “Zero-Trust”, so data owners do not require mutual-trust to share data. 

Need to Share Sensitive or Classified Data?

Conventional Systems are Centrally Managed by Admins, and Enable Users to Extract Data

Enterprise role-based access, security and governance rights are controlled in a top-down process by administrators.  Their job is protecting one data owner, not many.

Data can be extracted by users at many levels – the file system, data layer, analytics layer, service/api layer, etc.  Whenever data can be extracted directly by users, misuse and breach are more likely. 

Since users of conventional systems can extract data owned by another party, all parties require mutual-trust to share data.

Myngl Puts Security Inside Your Data 

Zero-Trust Enforced End-To-End

The Myngl Difference

Preventing Data Misuse Myngl Secure Analytic Containers Conventional Big Data Systems 3rd Party Providers
Data owners solely control security, governance, compliance?
Designed to protect multiple data owners?
Securely commingles data from many owners?
Analytics use commingled data without exposing it?
Blocks root and ssh access?
Admins can override owner security rules?
Admins and users can directly extract raw data?
Admins and users can alter raw data?

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